Missing Teeth? You are not alone!

Did you know that 69% of adults between the ages of 35-44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth?

Dental implants are a preferred form of tooth replacement for adults with missing teeth. Traditional treatments such as fixed bridges or dentures can negatively affect the gums and jaw bone. Dental implants are placed directly into the jaw bone by Drs. Huamán and Flores and boast a high success rate.

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Dental Implants

Replacing Lost Teeth With Dental Implants

An estimated 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth to injury, gum disease, or tooth decay. Twenty-six percent of these adults end up losing all of their teeth by the time they reach 74 years of age.

The latest advancements in dental technology offer alternative treatment options for the replacement of missing teeth. Traditional tooth replacement options, such as dentures and fixed bridges, are associated with increased complications after placement. Removable dentures can contribute to bone loss which affects the facial structure. Poorly fitting dentures can make clicking sounds when eating or talking. Fixed bridges require grinding down adjacent teeth, and this can increase the chances of tooth damage. Still, both dentures and fixed bridges are considered to be viable solutions for replacing lost teeth.

Dental implants, however, deliver better long term results than other procedures. Since the titanium implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone, it will not slip or make embarrassing noises when talking or chewing. Dental implants are designed to mirror the tooth structure and also stimulate the jaw bone, helping to prevent bone loss. Titanium is also resistant to decay and with proper placement, can improve overall oral health.

Advancements in the field of implant dentistry continue to provide patients with more options than they have ever had before. If you need a tooth implant, or want to learn more about dental implants, set up your consultation with Dr. Huamán or Dr. Flores today!

Dental Implants