Formlabs 3D Printer

FormLabs is pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry–including making it possible to manufacture high-quality 3D printed dentures through a digital workflow that’s streamlined, end to end. 3D printed modeling allows us to form high quality, precise models of your teeth and gums for a range of purposes including surgical planning and implant supported dentures. The materials used to create the 3D printed models are smooth and fracture resistant to provide a natural look and feel.

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3D Printer

Engineered for precision. Designed for reliability.

Formlabs Form 2 3D printer enables us to quickly produce models of your teeth to plan your procedure ahead of time. This allows us to reduce your surgery time by helping us to premeasure and guide our approach inside your mouth. The different resins provide us options depending on your needs. We are able to create surgical guides for precise placement of dental implants, pre-planned based on your Cone Beam 3D imaging. We are able to produce bridges and implant supported denture models which look and feel like natural teeth. These models may also be used to help guide you through your treatment options with printouts of your very own teeth.

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